The Versailles & Giverny Foundation Today

At Versailles: We are committed to the ongoing restoration of the marble statues in the Parc. This is the world's largest and most beautiful outdoor Museum of Statuary. It is walked in and marveled at by millions of international visitors.

The original statue is restored and housed for its eternal protection inside the Château. The poured replica, the most costly part of the restauration, is made of a new resin mixed in with the one hundred percent powdered marble called "Versailles", the replica is put on its pedestal in the Parc to weather time and elements.

In the 1990's, we started with the Sun King Louis XIV masterpiece of French sculpture, "Le Bosquet des Bains d'Apollon" by Girardon, Regnaudin, Guérin & Marsy (1672)

"Le Bosquet des Bains d'Apollon" was followed by "Le Point du Jour" by Pierre Legros (1686-1696), "Acis" by Jean-Baptiste Tuby (1667-1674), "Ino & Melicerte" by Pierre Gravier (1633-1715), "Callisto" by Anselme Flamen (1696), and on...
Woven Silk & Gold brocade for the ongoing restoration of King Louis XVI's Bedchamber

At Monticello: We are underwritting the project of reweaving the tapestry for Thomas Jefferson's XVIIIth Century Georges Jacob chairs.

We Continue to fund many projects of French origin in the United States & Europe.

At The Frick Collection: in New York City we underwrote the catalogue for the Watteau exhibition. In Missouri's Sainte Geneviève known as our "Colonial France". We support the restauration of the XVIIIth & XIXth Century Bolduc houses, including it's archeological dig.

At Giverny: We underwrite "The Munn Volunteer Program" which recruits garden volunteers from all over the world, be it The New York Botanical Gardens School of Professional Horticulture, Princeton University, S.U.N.Y. Cobleskill Horticultural College, New York University, Fairchild Botanical Gardens, Miami, Wesleyan College, Edinburgh Botanical Gardens, Washington University, Kew Gardens, Capel Manor Horticultural College (London), Davidson College, Hadlow Horticultural College (Kent), Dublin Fine Arts Institute, Easton Horticultural College (Norwich), Sissinghurst Gardens (Kent) and many more. The Volunteers are housed in Claude Monet's Farm (restored thanks to Laurence Rockefeller), given a stipend and at the end of their tenure, are awarded a diploma signed by the Head Gardener.

We also underwrite "The Munn Artist Program". Every year we choose contemporary American and International artists working in every medium. Each artist is given a fellowship, roundtrip airfare and a lovely studio apartment on the premises with a huge atelier to work in.

We finished the restauration of Claude Monet's first studio which opened in April 2011, and his greenhouse in 2015.